Fuel Cell Advantages

  • Unlike competing solutions, the only exhaust material is drinkable water
  • Unlike competing solutions, you can get all of the fuel raw stock right inside your own state
  • Unlike competing solutions, there is no need to invade any other country for the materials
  • Unlike competing solutions, the exhaust material does not cause cancer
  • In a fire, it dissipates faster than any other fuel and, essentially, self-extinguishes
  • All of the infrastructure, has already been built, globally, and it’s just sitting there, waiting for YOU; Unlike competing solutions.
  • All of the pretend arguments of the competitive fuels have already been fully laid to rest (see the film, on NETFLIX, “Merchants of Doubt”)
  • The largest government laws, mandates and treaties, in history, support this technology more than any other energy solution, on Earth; Unlike competing solutions
  • We have issued patents on technologies so good, that the government even confirmed that our products were the best; Unlike competing solutions
  • Our energy sources are clean and sustainable, for the longest projections into the future
  • We won patents, Congressional awards, government grants, customer raves and historical competitive battles

Even More Technology Advantages –

Industry Specific Advantages:
– Data Center Power
– Vehicle Power
– Grid Energy Time Shifting

Overall Advantages:

Competitors batteries catch on fire quite a bit, and have been the result of many more fires and explosions than hydrogen. AT&T ‘s U-verse TV service has had an exploding battery problem, making it necessary for the firm to replace 17,000 backup batteries in its nationwide network. 

Our energy storage technology compounds can be pumped into the system via a gas pump at a common gas station, as one option.

Our energy storage systems hold the patent on encapsulating chemistry in glass beads or cases to protect it from water and tainting of the material purity.

Our energy storage technology systems are not at-risk regarding geopolitical tensions and resource cut-offs as coal, petroleum and nuclear; thus providing a safer energy solution for each nation that deploys it.

Our energy storage technology can take the toxic waste material from coal plants: fly ash, and turn it into a safe energy storage solution. This makes a bad material into a good material.

Our energy storage power systems run many, many times longer and provide massively greater range per charge than batteries.

The run time of batteries constantly shortens while Our energy storage technology does not.

Batteries have a problematic “Memory Effect” while Our energy storage technology does not.

Our energy storage technology is “instant charge” via hot-swap while battery packs require hours to recharge.

Our energy storage systems have an extensive charge life while batteries have a much shorter end-of-life metric.

The cost per 300 mile range for a our energy storage technology car system is far lower than a battery system.

Our energy storage powered car TODAY that will drive 300 miles without a refill is 50% or less of the same metric of a battery car that will drive 300 miles without a refill.

Our energy storage system can be charged from a completely clean home energy system but batteries need to be charged from a “sour-grid”, toxic power or “dirty energy”.

Our energy storage technology can make energy at home. Batteries usually cannot.Our energy storage technology has a far higher storage density than batteries.

Our energy storage systems are far less bulky than batteries.

Energy can be stored for a much longer period of time in Our energy storage than in competitors batteries.

The weight of competing batteries is so great that it reduces the range of travel of a vehicle which causes the use of wasteful energy just to haul the batteries along with the car. In other words, the more batteries to add to an electric car to increase range, the less range you get. This is not the case with our energy storage technology.

Our energy storage systems weigh far less than batteries for equal range, and go over tens times longer, and further.

The disposal of many batteries, after use, presents a deadly environmental issue while our energy storage technology does not.

Our energy storage technology does not self discharge like batteries.

Competitors batteries cause a greater carbon footprint than our energy storage technology.

Batteries require coal be burned to charge them while our technology does not.

One pound of coal has roughly 14,000 Btu of chemical energy in it. When everything operates well, all that turns out to be generally around 30% efficient, meaning that 30% of the chemical energy that started out in the coal has become actual electricity. Our new production systems are up to 93% efficient.

We have the lowest Infrastructure cost per cubic foot and per amp, than any competitor.

In an accident, some competitors gas pressure tanks could shoot, like a rocket, through hundreds of innocent bystanders killing or maiming most of them. Our energy storage technology does not require pressure tanks.

In an accident, the pressure wave from pressure tanks crush internal organs of nearby people. Our energy storage technology does not use pressure tanks.

In an accident, the pressure wave from pressure tanks shoots shrapnel through the neighbourhood like a hand grenade. Our energy storage technology does not require pressure tanks.

The ability to ship via UPS/FEDEX/US MAIL does not exist for many of our competitors but our energy storage can be shipped and mailed

Total global and national infrastructure for all our energy storage distribution is already in place.

Insurance costs are far less for our technology.

The ability of competitor’s pressure tanks. to crush the foot of workers, thus increasing insurances costs, does not exist with our energy storage technology..

Time to refuel vehicle is only seconds for our energy storage systems while it is many. many times longer for competitors.

Only our energy storage products have the ability to be hand carried while many competitors require require forklifts to transport.

Only the our energy storage products are On-Demand energy solutions with patented systems.

Our energy storage products have less bulkiness than batteries or pressure tanks.

Our energy storage products are fully scalable while tanks are not very scalable.

Our energy storage products have better source-to-consumption efficiency metrics.

Our energy storage products require no special delivery vehicles and can use any common carrier while competitors cannot.

Pressure tanks require special construction factories while our energy storage technology requires no special construction factories

High pressure is required for tanks while, little, or no pressure is required for our energy storage technology.

Skin cutting on refueling or refilling occurs with tanks but not with our energy storage technology.

Your finger could freeze and snap off using liquid hydrogen but not with our energy storage technology.

Our energy storage is intelligent and monitors itself but tanks do not have this ability. our energy storage fuel can notifiy you when you need more fuel but tanks do not.

Our energy storage fuel advises you of its health and purity but tanks do not.

The overall transport safety of our energy storage beats tanks by at least a magnitude.

Our energy storage technology uses off-the-shelf, domestically available scalable components but tanks require special service safety parts.

Our energy storage technology has fully rechargeable, recyclable, pressure variable output but tanks do not.

Our energy storage technology use may improve insurance premiums but tanks will always increase premiums.

Factory man-power productivity increases using our energy storage at the plant-level over tanks

All stored H2 is live and explosive with tanks but not with our energy storage

Our energy storage increases balance-of-plant metric but tanks reduce the metrics.

Our energy storage source compound agnostic but tanks are fixed to source compound.

Our energy storage is fully patent protected and tanks are not.

Our energy storage base hardware investment is future-protected while tanks are only partially protected.

Our energy storage technology is fully systemically modular while tanks are fixed.

Our energy storage technology fits the box-like form factor of car while tanks dictate their location.

Tanks require an extensive safety compound required around customer storage area while our energy storage does not.

Tanks need an annual X-Ray and material audit while our energy storage technology does not.

Our energy storage technology does not flow across the ground and surfaces in a fire like napalm like liquid hydrogen.

Our energy storage technology does not flow across the ground and surfaces in a fire like napalm like gasoline.

Gasoline service stations are one of the primary sources and causes of cancer. Our energy storage eliminates the need to go to a service station.

The gasoline and associated vapors in a vehicle while you drive cause cancer, brain damage and numerous health issues and our energy storage technology does not.

The residue after use of gasoline causes numerous environmental damage issues and our energy storage technology does not.

Gasoline is increasing in cost and H2 sources and end product are decreasing in cost.