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The most resourced companies on Earth have tried to find another way to solve the problem that only we solved.

Our engineers accurately saw the future and predicted the ideal solution to the challenge of next-generation energy.

For decades, companies and government agencies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars testing thousands of ideas for the next generation of portable energy production, storage and distribution.

Our technology is the one that won!

In other words, we spent millions, and many others spent many, many billions and we all came up with the same results: Our tech wins the day.

Now, the various government energy agencies and research agencies around the world have announced that they have found a winner. Some of the largest commercial expenditures in technology deployment have now been committed to, by some of the biggest industries in the world, including the defense industry and the auto industry. The largest car manufacturer in the world has now dedicated the largest resources in the auto industry to the roll-out. Almost every international car maker is following suit. The technology is also on battlefields around the globe and in the air, on land, in outer space and on the sea in industries around the planet. In one example: Toyota has developed, funded and begun the launch with showroom sales, an epic promotion featuring the film: Back To The Future and huge new fueling options. In another: The True Zero Company is in full build-out with fuel cell electric service stations around the U.S.

Our engineers invented, designed, engineered, built and sold the first of these complete systems.

More significantly, the federal patent office researched the claims of all of the nation’s inventors and, after extensive due diligence, awarded our team the seminal patent suite of issued patents on the technology.

Competitors have now spent significant time and resources trying to find work-arounds to our intellectual property, and they have been unable to find a commercialization path that does not require our solution set.

We have to hand it to our engineers, they anticipated all of the key problems with the technology and solved them in advance. History has now proven that.

  • Energy mobility systems need a network. We anticipated that and captured the IP on it.

  • Modern energy mobility solutions need to re-task waste material from other industries. We anticipated that and captured the IP on it.

  • Energy mobility systems need to find the next fuel depot for the user. We anticipated that and captured the IP on it.

  • Energy mobility systems need to sense what is going on in the fuel container. We anticipated that and captured the IP on it.

  • The fuel material needs to protect itself from contamination from outside materials. We anticipated that and captured the IP on it.

  • Over 100 mobile energy production, storage and distribution disclosures…hile the early stage “hand-built” demonstration vehicles could use bulky fuel supplies, the modern, fast-paced consumer demands the convenience, flexibility, upgrade-ability, safety and efficiency that only our patents and engineering can offer.

Most major market projections from independent market analysts, predict that a trillion dollar+ plus market for the next phase of the Mobile Electric Fuel Cell.

What is the risk-vector if potential buyers ignore this opportunity?

1.) They have to bet that the Middle East is going to magically re-stabilize itself and re-adopt the West in order to not see the potential of new energy requirements. Almost every analyst will currently advise that that stabilization is almost impossible.

2.) They have to bet that nobody will need to infringe our patents for the next 14+ years. That scenario is not viable since there are already many patent infringers that can be monetized.

3.) They have to bet that we won’t sue infringers. In fact, we have previously filed some of the largest legal actions on record against some of the largest competitors in the space, terminating their activities. We will continue to do so in order to protect our revenue opportunity until these patents are sold.

4.) They have to bet that our resources will expire. In fact, we have consistently renewed and expanded our resources and taken on adversaries who have spent tens of millions of dollars seeking to defeat us, only to face defeats, markets collapse, federal investigations, terminations and de-funding themselves.

Only our Mobile Electric Fuel Cell technology has had the tens of billions of dollars committed to its deployment by famous brand names: Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, as well as the Department of Defence and other technology leaders.

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