The #1 Solution For Clean Energy Vehicles

For Hybrids, Fuel Cell Direct, EV Battery Range Extension, Off-grid charging.

Our technology is a hot-swap-capable, unlimited range energy systems which can be fuelled anywhere. With the market crashes and changing economic  conditions, less people have homes and more people have apartments. Generally, you can’t plug an electric car in at an apartment or leave extensions cords trailing across the side-walk. Our technology eliminates the need for extension cords. Our technology allows you to take fuel for a drive across the U.S. in a high-range electric car in one load.

Forget about extension cords for your electric car. Charge in apartments, hotels, offices and at home. Medium size Fuel Cassettes™
have a pop-out roller wheel and a slide-up handle so you can just wheel them from car-to-home, car-to-office or device-to-plug in any office building, apartment complex, hotel or other location.

The market has spoken loud and clear. It is now proven that consumers are totally unwilling to buy an electric car they have to wait 5, 10, or up to 80 minutes, to refuel. Period. With Lim-Pac technology the wait is less than 50 SECONDS! Lim-Pac predicted this pain-point in the market over a decade ago; and solved it!

Hydrogen fuel-cell cars look to overtake electric autos –
By Vanessa Ko , for CNN
(CNN) — As electric cars try to forge more than just a niche in the market, the auto industry is already looking to another form of clean
technology that could overtake today’s battery-powered vehicles.

Commitments by automobile manufactures to develop hydrogen fuel-cell cars have surged in recent months. Toyota, Hyundai, Daimler and Honda announced plans to build vehicles that run on the most abundant element in the universe and emit only water vapor as a byproduct.

“A lot of auto makers believe the fuel-cell vehicle is just a better performing vehicle and just makes more sense,” said Kevin See, a senior analyst of electric vehicles at Lux Research in Boston.

A fuel-cell-powered car can travel much longer distances than battery-powered ones before needing to be refueled, and fuel cells can be more readily used in large vehicles like trucks and SUVs.

Hyundai has annouced that it will offer a fuel-cell version of its ix35 sport utility vehicle (known as the Tucson in the U.S.) on lease by the end of this year. It plans to make up to 1,000 fuel-cell cars by 2015 and thereafter 10,000 fuel-cell cars per year.

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